OK so we're nearly at the end of January. You've all had chance to re-think those, let's be frank here, RIDICULOUS, New Year's resolutions that you made whilst slightly inebriated (haha slightly! Who are we kidding?!) on the eve of the 31st! Do these sound familiar? 

- Drink ONLY on weekends (BOOOOOORIIIING) 
- Gym 3 times a week (ready for that emergency donut?) Here's a link to our supplier:
- Refrain from using GHD's to iron clothes (oh, is that just us?)

So here at PicPop HQ we've thought of some fun New Years resolutions we believe should be implemented IMMEDIATELY! 

1. Discover a new favourite bottle of Red. Why not start here - love this place! 

2. Start taking, long, iPhone accompanying, unexplained trips to the bathroom. You might need this though in case you drop it down the toilet.... (or is that just us again?)

3. Find inventive ways to consume more caffeine. You know, so you can actually function on a daily basis. For example, fill sink with coffee, dunk head in and suck. Or, you could just start here: And it will look supaaaa fancy in your kitchen along with all that other crap you have on your sides! 

4. Exercise (your right to eat) more (Nandos).

What would your Rebel Mama Resolution be? We'd love to hear them! Please comment below. 



Team PicPop x

January 25, 2017 by Insta redbitdev

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