#MUMBOSS - Meet Marketing Mummy of One, Louise Adkin

#1 Snapshot of a #MumBoss 

Name: Louise Adkin
Company: Angel Media UK
Position: Director & Owner


 Louise is our very first business savvy Mama to take part in our new feature, ‘The #MumBoss’. She had a corporate career in Media working for national and global companies, like BBC Worldwide and Time-Warner. After having her son Cameron, now seven, Louise wanted to ensure she could spend those precious, early years with him. In 2010, Louise launched her own Multi Platform and Digital Marketing Agency, Angel Media UK.


What does your job entail on a day-to-day basis? 

I work with various businesses from large to small on their marketing strategies, social media strategies, including implementation and management, PR, events and Media Sales, so quite varied but all interesting, and of course also managing the team internally.

Have you ever taken your child to work?

 Yes, but only when I don’t need to focus too much, so the end of the day or weekends when I need to pop in.

Have you ever felt guilty about working?

Yes it’s so hard to work and be so passionate about what you do, but I am equally as passionate about my family and therefore getting that balance can be hard. So many women I know say you are constantly feeling guilty about something and I guess that’s the price we pay for being able to run our own businesses and bring up a family. 

Have you ever received any negativity as a working mother?

 I actually don’t think I have, which is great! Unless it’s been said behind my back and I have no idea! (laughs) But it does mean I can’t commit to early morning meetings pre-school hours and I am very selective about evening events / networking too. There was a time when I lived in London and Manchester when I was networking a lot. As time has gone on I realised although networking is great, you don’t have to be at all of them and I actually get more out of one to one meetings with people. The Internet makes it much easier to network without having to attend all the events too and my time is focused on servicing and working closely with clients to achieve their goals.

What’s the best thing about being a Mum?

Love. The fact that you can love someone more than you can ever put into words, it can be overwhelming and the bond you have that runs so deep is just magical. Although I do have to remind myself of that at times when he’s having a full on tantrum! (laughs)

What’s the most challenging thing about being a Mum?

Dealing with a little human who has his own character and who is very strong willed.

How important is it to you to maintain a grooming routine as a working mother?

It is really important and I think every mother should allocate herself time for this. If you don’t feel good about yourself it can reflect in your attitude. Of course that isn’t just external but I do get my nails done, my hair, massages, facials, brows, eyelashes - all preened and polished. I need to feel good not just to be happy, but also as I am dealing with people all the time in my job.

How do you manage the work / life / mother balance? Do you have any rules / strategies in place to help?

No, I probably should and I keep saying I will! I’m a nightmare with my phone. I become engrossed in something or an interesting article and I totally forget where I am! We did go through a stage of putting our phones away every night at 9pm and we should really do that again to be honest. On the other hand, it’s the world we live in and we are all connected pretty much unless we are sleeping! It is Generation C (connected)!

Outside of work, what do you enjoy doing with your kids?  

 Cameron’s fantastic at football so most of our time is taken up with taking him to football matches or training, as he trains with a few different clubs. Other than that we go to London regularly to see my family. He is learning to ride his bike, we play board games and he also loves reading. 

If money weren’t an object, would you still work?

Yes, definitely. I love what I do, it gives me a buzz and I can’t imagine not doing it. I guess it’s easy to say that, but at this point I genuinely feel I would. What I might do is get someone else to do the washing / ironing and maybe invest in a housekeeper if money was no object though!

What advice would you give to women who are thinking of combining a career with motherhood? 

Do it! If you are truly passionate about it, you believe in it, then do it. Take it step by step, don’t expect miracles and pace yourself initially. It’s easy as a mother to over deliver, and to put so much pressure on you to do everything perfectly, but no one does. There are plenty of times I have sat down and burst out crying as I put too much pressure on myself to be everything to everyone. I’m sure I’ll do it again too, but it’s a learning curve, learning your limits. I also think organisation is key, the more organised you are the less stressful it is. 


Thanks so much for agreeing to be our very first #MumBoss, Louise. It’s been really great to hear you speak so candidly about juggling Motherhood and your own successful business.


What did you think of Louise’s responses? We love a Mama who tells it how it is! Louise touched on lots of things that we believe all mothers experience – the guilt and the huge sense of pressure we can put on ourselves to do everything perfectly. The immense love we have for these amazing little humans in our lives! In the end, we’re all trying to do the best we can, one day at a time.


Loved what Louise had to say? Check her out!

Instagram: @louise_angelmedia

Twitter: @LouAngelMediaUK


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