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Maria Ward is one amazing Mum that is taking the beauty world by storm. As a serial lash wearer, Maria was fed up of buying lashes that only lasted a couple of wears. So, she took matters into her own hands and started her own range of mink eyelashes called Elegance Lashes. Two years on Maria has a whole host of celebrities wearing her eyelash range. Read on to hear all about Maria's inspirational story......


Jessy from Little Mix in her Krystal Lashes by Elegance Lashes


- What was your inspiration behind creating Elegance Lashes? Where do you see Elegance Lashes in ten years time?

My inspiration for Elegance Lashes came from personally wearing lashes every single day. I found the ones in the supermarket would last me only one or two wears. I travel to the US a lot and when I was over there I picked up a pair of mink lashes that lasted me a month & I was super impressed. I said to my partner 'What do you think to me starting up my own lash brand?'.

Two years on Elegance Lashes has gone from strength to strength with stars from the likes of Little Mix, Michelle keegan, Katie Price and many more wearing them.

Since the business started we must’ve sold over 50,000 units. We sell wholesale to many salons/makeup artists and we’re also listed on Pretty Little thing and are one of their best selling lash brands on site. Now, they re-buy from us weekly.

Next for the business would be getting them sold into bigger retailers. We can see the brand going into somewhere like Selfridges.



Maria at the launch party of Elegance Lashes  

- You are Mummy to a little boy. How did you manage to create your own business when you had a little one to look after? Do you have any tips for other Mums starting their own business?

I’m a Mum to a four year old boy so when the business first started it was hard to do the business as well as look after my boy full time. Of course I worked my way around it and some days I would bring him into the office and he would help with pick and pack which he loves doing so it worked out great. My tips for other Mums would be to not put off starting a business with being a parent as you can work your way round things. It’s the best thing I ever did.


- What’s the best bit about combining motherhood with being your own boss? What’s the worst?

The best bit about being my own boss is my little boy will see that his mummy worked hard and will hopefully remember that when he’s older. The worst bit is sometimes feeling like you’re not giving them enough attention because you need to book a delivery on time or reply to emails but I sure do make up for it as we tend to do many fun things together.



Maria wearing Elegance Lashes  

- Do you take risks in business? What is the biggest risk you’ve taken and did it turn out how you wanted it to?

 One of the biggest risks I have taken was bringing out an eyelash bauble at christmas which includes eyelashes and tweezers inside. You needed to order a very high quantity of them and I didn’t realise until after I designed it how many pieces it needed with it. For example, it needed a stand inside the box so the bauble doesn’t roll everywhere! I think it went how I wanted it to go as it got a lot of interaction with it being a cool idea, We still have some of the stock left over but at least it doesn’t run out of date and can be used next year!


- Who are the people in your life that inspire you? Do you have any role models in business or people that you look up to?

The person who inspires me the most is my partner Kieran. He works long hours but he started selling sports supplement products in his apartment and now has a large warehouse


Want to see how amazing Maria's lashes are for yourself?

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