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India Taylor is one busy Mama! When she's not looking after her gorgeous daughter, Autumn, she's back and forth from the gym fitting in clients at Taylor-Made Fitness - not to mention doing her own training for the Cheshire half marathon! India carved a niche for herself by specialising in training female clients only, in what had typically been a male dominated environment. She wanted women to feel comfortable and understood at the gym and who is better tasked to understand than another woman! I asked India a few questions about life as a PT and Mummy, and for some advice on fitness for both expectant and postpartum Mums. 

You have your own personal training business. What inspired you to become a PT and has your job proved more difficult or different since having a baby? How do you juggle early morning and evening clients with having a small child? 

To be honest I hated fitness as a teen! I never wanted to do P.E. in school and the only way I was active was going to dance classes 3-4 times a week. Once I got ‘too old’ for my dancing school and left, I missed moving my body and exercising but would much rather go on crazy diets to stay slim than actually go to the gym! 

In January 2013 I made a resolution to join a gym, be healthy and active and stop the crazy diets. I missed the class atmosphere and the endorphins released when you exercise. Anyway, I got the ‘gym bug’ and 6 weeks later I was telling my now husband that I wanted to do a personal training course. I think everyone thought I was mad but I saw a niche for what I wanted to do - women’s only PT. The fitness industry was very much male dominated then, and I wanted a place where women felt comfortable and understood by another woman. 

Since having my daughter, Autumn, it’s definitely harder to juggle working and being a full time mum but I think I enjoy my job so much more now. Autumn is in nursery 2 mornings a week so I fit clients in then and my mum helps one morning a week too. The majority of my clients are evenings so I do the bed time routine and then quickly run to the gym to do my sessions while my husband watches the monitor. It’s definitely full-on but I think I work harder now because I want to set a good example to Autumn. I want her to see that you CAN do it all. It’s tough sometimes, don’t get me wrong, but being a business woman and a mummy is not impossible. Plus, it’s sometimes a nice break after being Mummy all day to India, to then be able to PT for a few hours.

India Taylor PT and family
India and Family

Did you workout when you were pregnant? What would be your advice to expectant mums who still want to keep active? 

First of all I tell women to listen to your body. I worked out throughout my pregnancy. I actually went to a spin class 2 days before giving birth! I would get more tired some days so I would take it easier or do less, but I love exercising and couldn’t imagine not moving my body every day. Saying that, I had a very healthy pregnancy. I only suffered with a few weeks of nausea at the start so of course I felt fine to do it. Each woman and each pregnancy is different so you have to see how you feel and consult your midwife. 

Expectant mums who want to exercise but don’t know what to do, I would always recommend power walking, a spin class or light weights. I would say try to limit the high impact classes to protect your joints and back and never start a new fitness regime if you are expecting. You just have to see how you feel and If it doesn’t feel right don’t do it. I personally felt exercising through out pregnancy did help me to recover quickly after my c-section and also helped me get back in to shape afterwards.

Getting back in to shape after you’ve had a baby can be so difficult for many mums. What tips do you have for mums that are looking to get back to their pre-baby body? 

Firstly relax! You have just created a human and given birth so do not put pressure on yourself to be back in your size 10’s in 6 weeks. 

The most important thing is your nutrition, you need to be nourishing your body with good wholesome foods ( even if you just want to be fuelled on coffee and biscuits through the newborn stage) and try to go on gentle walks a few times a week. Take the pram out and go out for an hour, find some hills and push the pram up it. When you feel more comfortable and ready maybe buy a kettlebell and try to do some weights at home while the baby is napping.

It’s really hard trying to fit in exercise and motivate yourself when you’ve just had a baby. You are so tired all the time but having some YOU time is so important and going to the gym for an hour or even picking up the kettle bell for 20 mins will really lift your mood and make you feel strong and positive. 

India Taylor PT and daughter
India & daughter Autumn

There have been lots of articles about the Duchess of Cambridge being to preened and picture perfect after the birth of new Prince. What were your thoughts? Do you think it’s important to still look after yourself once you’ve had a baby? 

I don’t know why there was so much attention drawn to Kate’s appearance after giving birth. Of course she was going to be looking picture perfect, I wouldn’t expect anything less of a royal. If she had come outside in her pyjamas with her hair in a messy bun and no make up on there would’ve been outrage about that too. I’m sure after greeting the press she kicked her heels off, threw her pj’s on , grabbed a face wipe and got back in bed. 

I think it’s important to feel good after having a baby. Maybe not a few hours later, or days even, but it’s important to give yourself some time even if it’s just putting a bit of mascara on, doing your hair nicely or going to the gym. Being a mum is tiring and sometimes all you want to do is fester in your dressing gown, and that’s fine too, but I do think it’s important to not only be Mummy but also be YOU. You shouldn’t feel guilty for giving yourself time so you can be the best for you and for your baby.

Interested in what India has to say? Or maybe you fancy a training session? 

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