#MumBoss - Meet Celebrity Makeup Artist and Ultimate Mum Boss Cassie Lomas
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Name: Cassie Lomas
Meet Cassie Lomas. The ultimate #MumBoss. With over 20 years experience in the Beauty industry, Cassie has painted the faces of the likes of Lady Gaga, Rita Ora and Twiggy. If she's not flying around the world with one of her celeb clients, you might find her teaching at her Makeup School or running the show at her Agency for professional Hair & Makeup Artists, aptly named 'Creatives'.

Cassie on a recent shoot for Cosmo Magazine with Zoella. Check out this article where Cassie gives the full low down on all the products she used for Zoella's shoot!  
Cassie is Brand Ambassador for Superdrug's own cosmetics brand 'B' and she has just launched her own range of Cassie Lomas Professional Makeup brushes too.
Cassie with client Coleen Rooney. 
Oh, and did we mention that she's also a Wife and Mother of two to Spike, 7 and Elkie, 3!? Pheeeeew we're exhausted just reading this! With a list of #MumBoss credentials as long her arm, we were so excited to interview this inspiring Mama on one hell of a Makeup mission.....
Cassie with her children Spike & Elkie.
You’re a leading Makeup Artist, owner of your own Makeup School, Creatives Agency and most recently you have launched your own range of professional Makeup brushes. Where do you think your drive and ambition has stemmed from?
I think my drive stemmed from firstly my Mum but also my High school. My Mum is really inspirational to me and nothing was ever unachievable for us in her eyes. The support was definitely a driving force. Also, I went to Manchester High school for girls where being successful was instilled in you. I feel like that training throughout my life definitely gave me the skills needed, and support from my friends and family always encouraged me.
Have you always had the ambition to achieve or is it something that has grown stronger over time? 
I think the more I achieve the more pressure I feel to achieve even more. It sounds weird but I don’t look at what I have done but at what I have left to do.
Makeup by Cassie for cover of L'Officiel Magazine featuring Rita Ora.
What does ‘success’ mean to you personally? At what point in your career did you think ‘I’ve made it!’? 
I don’t know if I will ever think I have made it. It's my dream to do the front cover of Vogue but I am sure that applies to so many makeup artists and I doubt it's achievable. The glimmer of hope though will keep me fighting because you just never know and I really believe anything is possible if you set your mind to it. I also had a little vision years ago of me in an office with floor to ceiling windows overlooking a city and I think that stays with me a bit because I think its a premonition and if I stop trying, I’ll never know whether it was or not. (laughs) I think having my own makeup range is on my to do list too, but then again the list is endless.
 You’re not only a Makeup Artist and businesswoman, but a Wife and Mother to two amazing children. How have you managed to juggle a family and a successful career? Have you had to reign in your ambition in any way since having children?
I have the most amazing Husband I could ever wish for and we spend every minute I am not working together with the children, usually in Wales where we escape to our holiday place. My Mum has helped me with The Academy since the beginning, whilst Susan, my husband's Mum, has helped with the children and been our nanny since day one. I would love to take all the credit but of course without them, my dreams would never have been possible. So it's down to the Mums!
The life of a celebrity Makeup Artist appears glamorous and exciting. Jet setting here and there, painting the faces of the rich of famous, never knowing where you might be from one week to the next. However, do you find the unpredictable nature of the job difficult? 
I am so excited by what I do that I don’t mind it and in fact having a routine makes me feel uneasy. I love my job so much that I want to go to work because although it's hard it's also fun. It does look really glamorous but it's also highly pressured and can be quite lonely. I travel a lot on my own and being away from my family is hard. I think that's when I channel my time into working more and dreaming up new things to do - as if I don’t have enough on already!
 How do you cope with spending time away from your kids? 
When I am away from the kids I try to keep busy. The second I stop I get sad because I miss them so much. We Face Time a lot which is good, because after 10 minutes and lots of screaming and fighting that goes on between brother and sister I am ready for some peace and quiet again. My husband updates me with photos of what they’re getting up to to reassure me they are fine. Their main concern is what present they get when I come home!
What words of wisdom do you have for women that are looking to combine a career with Motherhood, particularly in your industry? 
You have to have a good support network. I don’t know how anyone could do it without help. Choosing the right partner who supports your goals perhaps is the key?!
 You already have so many strings to your bow, but we have a sneaky feeling that you have so much more to create and show us. What’s next for Cassie Lomas? 
Literally everything……. I have so many exciting things coming up starting with The Makeup Academy launching in London next year. We have more plans for the school too. This is a passion of mine and seeing girls succeed is the best reward. I also have other exciting news but I can’t talk about it just yet so you will have to keep your eyes peeled for that announcement next year!
The Cassie Lomas Makeup Academy based in Northern Quarter, Manchester. 
Thanks so much for agreeing to be a #MumBoss. You've really made us feel that anything is possible if you just put your mind to it and work hard! 
Cassie is an amazing example of a 'Mumpreneur' who manages to juggle it all!  Ambition, hard work and a great support network seem to be a great recipe for success. 
Like what Cassie has to say? Check her out! 
Twitter: @cassielomas
Instagram: @misscassielomas
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