Eat your greens

This must be a sentence on every parent's lips! I know I am forever bribing Sienna with yoghurt or a piece of 'choc choc' if she eats just some of her broccoli! (queue airplane noises as you try and make that spoon full of green mush more inviting!)

So when I tried out this new recipe last week I thought I just had to share it. Sienna  ate a full bowl of 'courgetti' - that's basically spiralised courgette that she thinks is spaghetti! *winning*! I topped this with spinach and basil pesto from Hemsley and Hemsley and she gobbled it right up! The best thing of all it literally takes about 15 minutes to make so its the perfect quick and healthy tea for those Monday nights when absolutely no one can be arsed to cook. Just don't breathe on anyone afterwards! 

N.B. You do need a spiraliser but they are so worth the investment. I use mine all the time to make salads more fun! This one is great.

Spiralised Courgetti

Serves 4 with courgetti 


200g baby spinach
60g fresh basil (leaves & stalks) 
2 garlic cloves 
35g Parmesan or pecorino grated 
2 tablespoons lemon juice, apple cider vinegar
80ml extra-virgin olive oil 
Sea salt and black pepper


Hemsley + Hemsley Courgetti with spinach and basil pesto


February 09, 2018 by Insta redbitdev

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